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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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26 November (Part 1) - They just don't get it

It’s the sort of thing that Bexley Conservatives have done fairly regularly, ask a family member or a more anonymous stooge to get a letter published in a local news paper pushing their own political prejudices or knocking the opposition. I’m probably a mug for thinking that only Tories stoop that low.

News ShopperToday’s News Shopper carries a letter from a Mrs. C. Deadman writing from a Welling address and for no reason obvious to their readers has decided to have a go on behalf of far away Colyers’ residents at the three UKIP councillors who she claims hold their ward surgeries in Welling Library. Actually the council website says that is not going to happen until next January but why wait when a knocking job needs doing?

It doesn’t seem very likely that there are two politically motivated Mrs. C. Deadmans living in the fewer than 50 roads that make up St. Michael’s ward.

If I was UKIP councillor Lynn Smith (Blackfen & Lamorbey) I too would be less than happy sitting alongside Peter Craske in Blackfen library given the sexual fantasies on council premises which a police investigation suggested were associated with his phone line.

The leader of the UKIP group on Bexley council is Chris Beazley who represents St. Michael’s ward and it is entirely natural that he should hold a surgery in Welling.

In Colyers ward where Colin McGannon is the UKIP man the two Tories, Brian Bishop and Maxine Fothergill have politicised their surgeries by announcing on the council’s website that they run a two person Tories only surgery; UKIP not allowed. But they are not alone in wanting to make trouble for UKIP.

At the election count last May a councillor who had just seen Chris Beazley elected as his own ward representative promised to make his life difficult. Looks like he got his wife to do his dirty work.

I often see on Twitter and the like, UKIP supporters claiming that Lib/Lab/Con are all the same and “they just don’t get it” to explain why their party has gained support so rapidly. I think I may have just seen both their points proved.

I asked UKIP Bexley what their official position is but it’s a bit early to expect a reply.


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