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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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25 November (Part 3) - Where’s The Fiddle?

Yesterday’s feature on Bexley council being reluctant to own up about their financial situation provoked a few comments, questions and perhaps a little bit of confusion.

The general drift of things was neatly summarised by the anonymous contributor who merely said “WTF are Bexley playing at?”

Perhaps the question is rhetorical but if not I would say that Bexley council is ‘playing at’ being an honest, totally transparent council and making a mess of it again. On the other hand maybe their predicament really has been hushed up by a very select few and staff are not clever enough to have spotted it.

Just for the record and to address possible confusion, it is the most recent accounts (2013/14) that have not yet been fully audited but Bexley council has decided to sign them off anyway. Just for once the criticism of councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis isn’t justified; she is so ‘last year’.


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