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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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25 November (Part 2) - A Bexleyheath bust up

Broken BrokenIt was about time I looked around a part of the borough other than the north so I took the B11 bus to Bexleyheath. It was delayed by road works at the junction of Long Lane and Brampton Road but the bus stop was closed so I couldn’t get off to see what the reason might be.

Reports say that it caused a 20 minute delay yesterday evening but at 1 p.m. it couldn’t have been more than five minutes.

Once in Bexleyheath I saw that the newly relaid Arnsberg Way which broke up under the weight of passing traffic in the summer was in trouble again.

It may not look too bad in Photo 1 but a 3D photograph would have shown a significant depression. Click to enlarge.

RepairsThe original BiB report was raised in council and cabinet member for Public Realm, Don Massey, swung into action and disrupted Arnsberg Road for a week while the new block road was repaired. At no cost to the public purse he said.

Sadly the junctions at Woolwich Road and Chapel Road, both of which carry a lot of bus traffic, are breaking up again.

Click here for Bexley council’s web announcement. It probably won’t be there for much longer or maybe they will just change its date.


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