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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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21 November (Part 2) - Whatever happened to…

…The Outer London Commission?

Timetable of meetingsIt was one of mayor Boris Johnson’s bright ideas and first met in February 2009. A year later Boris appointed Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill to be its Advisor on Outer London. It rather badly showed up Boris Johnson’s lack of political judgment. He had previously recruited Bexley’s then council leader, Ian Clement, as his deputy only to see him receive a suspended prison sentence for fraud. Somehow, Teresa O’Neill failed to notice the same trickery going on under her nose as his deputy. Or so she says.

Then O’Neill showed she hasn’t a clue about how democracy works or the so called Social Media revolution by trying to close down two local blogs.

What the Outer London Commission ever did is unknown although perhaps the meetings helped bring Waitrose to Sidcup. Waitrose is represented on the Commission.

The Commission’s website shows they have not met since November 2013 but it helps explain why Boris takes so much money from our pockets. When, rather a long time ago, there was a referendum on whether London should have a mayor the explanatory leaflet said it would cost householders four pence a week. When I ran this recollection past a Labour councillor he said I was wrong, it was three pence a week.

Here is part of Boris’s cringe inducing letter of invitation to Teresa O’Neill.
Click the extract to read the whole stomach churning thing. Hopefully Boris knows the disreputable Teresa better now.


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