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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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21 November (Part 1) - Cross rail at your peril

Lift Lift From next Monday morning Crossrail will cause their first major disruption to life in Abbey Wood, apart from those whose houses have been knocked down of course.

The ramps and steps outside the station which form the publicly accessible pedestrian crossing over the railway will be closed and in all probability demolished the following weekend.

Because Crossrail has only ever referred to ramps coming down the idea has got around locally that the steps would remain. A moment’s thought would have shown that to be impossible but I found myself having to argue the point. The new signage makes it very clearly.

The map that has appeared at the foot of the steps nearest to the station and at the bus stop above shows the steps to the east of the viaduct are the only ones that will survive and “the ramps and steps to the northbound carriageway on Harrow Manorway are to be removed”. (Enlarge Photo 2.)

The only access to the northbound bus stop on the western side of the viaduct will be via the east side steps and the new pedestrian crossing. Or from the other direction (north), via a long detour. A recipe for instant frustration for all concerned during the morning rush. Throughout the day the constant flow of pedestrian traffic from Thamesmead into Abbey Wood will now have to press the button and stop all the traffic or risk serious injury!

Lift Lift Lift Lift

Lift Even though no one used that crossing this morning over a period of several minutes the slow moving traffic queue extended back to the Knee Hill roundabout. A couple of buses and a red light should make for interesting times.

Wheelchair users are currently guaranteed an interesting time. If the chair doesn’t topple on an inadequate ramp by the car wash they will be faced by a confusing ‘No pedestrians’ sign. (Photo 6.) Probably that will be fixed by Monday. (Photo 7)

All that sign needs is a suffix saying ‘½ mile’.

Perhaps council leader Teresa O’Neill can offer some improvement by negotiating a further reduction in the timescale for Crossrail.

Crossrail is due to open in four year’s time not three. Isn’t it about time the leader updated that photo?


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