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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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20 November (Part 2) - Pointless lies, desperate measures and grave consequences

BaconWhile Greenwich police continue to investigate Will Tuckley, Lynn Tyler, councillor Cheryl Bacon and a Civic Centre doorman for Misconduct in Public Office, in Bexley everything is in lock down mode.

When Mick Barnbrook asked to see the correspondence between the council and the police that persuaded them to go from ‘nothing worth reporting’ (the police made no entry in any notebook and told the Bexley Times that nothing had happened) to confirming Bexley council’s lie that everyone was so disruptive at the meeting of 19th June 2013 that they all had to be ejected from the council chamber by two constables, Will Tuckley refused to provide it; thereby confirming that the correspondence must have been incriminating.

The reason Chief Executive Tuckley gave was that Mick is vexatious. i.e. his attempt to get at the truth is frivolous and designed to embarrass the council. It is the last resort of a public service scoundrel.


Tuckley didn’t want to accept that Mick’s requests were either on different subjects or entirely new aspects of an old one thereby making the vexatious defence invalid. Mr. Barnbrook’s last enquiry was in pursuance of alleged criminality by Tuckley and others.

Mick took his case to the Information Commissioner who would have contacted Bexley council for their response. Bexley council is clearly desperate. Their response, extracts of which have been passed back to Mick in a letter, runs to ten pages of A4 under 40 different subject headings. An ICO response in not much more than a fortnight must be unprecedented.

The Information Commissioner’s Group Manager. Rachel Cragg, has fallen for Bexley’s story big time, obviously unaware that Bexley council officers must suppress their letter or email to the police at all costs. Their liberty may depend on it.

As you might expect, a councillor’s request to view the correspondence has also been rejected. So further proof that Tuckley’s ‘vexatious’ excuse is a small part of his cover up to save his skin. Maybe Greenwich police will be interested.

Bexley TimesMick Barnbrook has taken the view that it is a waste of time going through the ICO Appeals Procedure. At the end of the day they have a common purpose and will not want to add to the woes of a dishonest councillor and senior council managers; and Mick has the same confidence in the Greenwich investigating officer as I do.

The police officer called this morning to seek some information and I took the opportunity to thank him for his efforts so far but forecast that he would be leaned upon from high before long. He is undeterred and will be conducting more interviews next week. It was an interesting conversation.


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