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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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14 November (Part 5) - An off peak return to Crossrail

Abbey Wood stationDuring the past week or two Lesnes Ward councillors and MP Teresa Pearce have been complaining that the lifts, or maybe it was just one, at Abbey Wood station weren’t working and without them it is a very long climb up and down for those carrying luggage or with crocked knees.

I’m not sure if they achieved anything, when I used the station two days ago at least one lift was out of order.

It’s not a new phenomenon, the opening day photographs show an elderly lady with a walking stick making her way into the station. Photos 2 and 3 show what happened next and after quite a long wait for the lift the lady gave up and came back towards the stairs.

I believe a wheelchair which proceeded her got stuck because it was too big to turn out of the lift on the upper level.

Abbey Wood station Abbey Wood stationThe North Kent line will be closed this weekend and once again Crossrail looks to being very unlucky with the weather.

I went to Abbey Wood’s Crossrail office on Wednesday to ask what structures might be coming down on Saturday and Sunday but I didn’t learn anything useful. Not the end terrace houses at each end of the up platform apparently even though one of them looks as though it might fall down at any moment.

Fromthemurkydepths has been told the walkways are coming down but I’ve not seen any notices and there is no alternative route across the railway line ready. Harrow Manorway is still the same big mess it has been for weeks with no visible progress towards completion of the pedestrian crossing.

Abbey Wood station Abbey Wood stationMr. Murky has also heard that the station building is coming down. That is more possible. As Photo 4 illustrates it is now well and truly boarded up.

Photo 5 shows a new big hole in the ground taken through the fine mesh of the new station footbridge. To do with drainage again?

Why are all my Abbey Wood photos taken into the sun?

I shall be getting myself down to Abbey Wood station as early as I can tomorrow.

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