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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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14 November (Part 3) - Bexley blooms again

RuxleyBexley council opted out of Bexley in Bloom earlier this year to save a few bob better spent on the £134 a week that tree in the Civic Centre foyer costs to maintain. For the few, not the many should be the council’s slogan, however the Ruxley Manor Garden Centre has ridden to the rescue. They have forked out what it takes to award the winner’s flower pot.

It would appear that councillor Alex Sawyer had a hand in this, anyone want to start a fan club?

I can see why Ruxley Manor may want to do it. It is the 30th largest garden centre in the country, perhaps it aspires to being 29th.

According to my map all their land is in the borough of Bromley and only their front gate may be in Bexley. Never mind, it can be something else that Bromley has taken over from impoverished Bexley.


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