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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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14 November (Part 1) - Greenwich police move to stage 2 of their enquiries into Bexley’s lies

Peter Gussman and Elwyn Bryant were interviewed by Greenwich police at Marlowe House, Sidcup yesterday. They were the last of the complainants against councillor Cheryl Bacon and Co. and they returned as elated as I did. I am not surprised, all you have to do is relate the events exactly as they happened, present what evidence you have - Elwyn has his own correspondence with supportive councillors - contrast it with the statements that came from Bexley council and the truth jumps out at you. Experienced police officers should have no difficulty recognising when interviewees are telling the truth and all the indications are that they have done exactly that.

CommentElwyn handed in my DVD of former deputy leader Colin Campbell on BBC TV and there really isn't a single one of his assertions that get anywhere near the truth. He and whoever put him up to it ought to be on a charge too. The audio is provided within last Friday’s blog.

Pooling the comments made by the police to the four complainants at their interviews it would appear that seven more people are due to be called for interview. It may be more, they are just the names that have slipped out.

Whilst no complainant has any criticism of any of the police officers encountered so far, In all probability they will be leaned on just as Bexley police were during the Craske case. They admitted “political interference”, and as a precaution against that eventuality, Mick Barnbrook, Elwyn and I have taken advice on bringing a private criminal prosecution against Cheryl Bacon, Will Tuckley and Mrs. Lynn Tyler. We were very encouraged by what we heard.

News of the investigation into Bexley council’s repetitive lying has reached the News Shopper, albeit only in their on line readers’ comment section. Click the image for the relevant web page. On a note of pedantry, the deputy leader’s wife runs the Members’ Code of Conduct Committee, not the Standards Committee.


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