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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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13 November (Part 3) - Lie detector tests failed. Will credit checks?

You might not think so when they vote to create generously paid new jobs for themselves but Bexley council is desperately short of money and they are looking to plug all the holes. One such hole is uncollected council tax and part of that is evasion and the single person discount of 25% is coming under scrutiny again.

Last time Bexley took a similar course was immediately after the last election and they thought it was a good idea to subject residents to lie detector tests. After their unreliability was proved, but not before a number of embarrassing cases reached the press, they gave up. This time they are going to subject all claimants to a credit reference agency check.

Bexley’s Press Release is here.

As a claimant myself should I be concerned? I pay for my daughter’s health insurance and while she has never lived in Bexley, the bills come here. I pay for three people’s internet connections and those bills are addressed to DA17 too and a friend has an account with a clothing retailer at my address so that the clothes come to me. Don’t ask why. Until not long ago her Daily Telegraph subscription was registered here too.

Like my internet arrangements, another friend has a mobile phone contract in her daughter’s name but registered at her Bexley address. The daughter lives elsewhere.

Will credit referencing us singletons produce any happier results than making them take lie detector tests?


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