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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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11 November (Part 3) - Confined to barracks

Mayor Mayor I’ve not been able to get out today so there are no photos of the Remembrance event in Bexleyheath which I may have been able to get to. Nobody told me about the similar event going on nearer home at the Thamesmead clock tower. The photo is I think by MP Teresa Pearce who I have emailed for permission to use but so far without reply. Maybe I will soon be in as much trouble with Labour as I seem to be with Conservatives.

Some may point out that the Thamesmead clock tower is across the border into Greenwich but the second photos shows both mayors were present. Good to see that things have moved on since councillor Peter Craske was at war with Greenwich over parking but it was a very strange handshake.

I’m stuck in because I made an Amazon order late on Sunday night. On Monday they said it had been despatched and overnight they said it would be delivered today, as yet it hasn’t been. I think it was better when they used the postman because at least you knew if it wasn’t delivered by ten o’clock it was safe to go out.

TweetA few minutes after I posted the previous blog, Tim MacFarlane put up a similar report on the News Shopper’s website with a different selection of quotes. Maybe worth taking a look to ensure a fully rounded view on the strange events of Bonfire Night.

By midday I had had two emails taking the mickey out of the monkey who sent me the overnight email. Not bad for that time of day.

I’ve since had two more, one who first landed on the Home page after Googling for ‘Bexley council’ when it happened to carry a Civic Centre banner thought that Bonkers was the official Bexley council website. My Bexley councillor friends are really going to love that!

And then there were more…

Note: Teresa later gave permission to use the photos and explained the delayed response by saying her phone battery had died. Get another one Teresa, isn’t that what expenses are for?


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