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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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8 November (Part 2) - Quiet but effective?

Bexley TimesIf I exclude a couple of the recently appointed cabinet members who have yet to make their mark, there is only one name from past or present cabinets which has not received a well deserved kicking in these pages.

That name is John Fuller. I don’t think I have ever spoken to him beyond a mutual nodding acknowledgment but I do not recall him ever wasting time at council meetings or political point scoring and certainly he’s been free of the rudeness which some of his colleagues have honed to perfection.

How does he manage to hold a position under a leader such as Teresa O’Neill, rarely short of a bitchy put down for opponents?

FullerIt’s true that his department has cut some services due to budget cuts and the distance to school measurement system was changed to disadvantage some parents, but to annoy almost no one and deliver an apparently decent set of statistics is something it would be impossible to say about any other long term cabinet member.

Perhaps there is a direct correlation between a councillor’s nastiness factor and the performance of his department.

I have belatedly realised that I have only taken photographs of cabinet members making exhibitions of themselves so I am going to have to nick one of John Fuller from somewhere.

The text insert comes from yesterday’a Bexley Times report.


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