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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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7 November (Part 2) - Bexley councillor on LBC radio

BeazleyI once bought a very expensive digital (DAB) radio but the sound quality of DAB broadcasts - 48 to 128 kilobits per second MP2 - was so objectionable that I gave up serious radio listening. I have a portable FM set which I bought for my father, and he has been dead 30 years, indoors glued to BBC Radio 4 but in the car I listen to LBC, at least until some insane caller is given too much air time, when it goes over to R4 again.

As it was peeing down early this morning I used the car to get to the newsagents and Nick Ferrari was interesting enough for me to retune the old FM set to LBC when I got home.

Just before eight thirty up popped Bexley councillor Chris Beazley and somehow the subject of Bexley’s Romanian burglars cropped up. Ferrari asked how he knew the criminals were Romanian and under the pressure of being on air Chris, I felt, could have made a better job of answering the question.

What he should have said is that he knows because at three consecutive People scrutiny meetings the borough police commander or his deputy made it very clear that Romanians were responsible for his spike in burglary statistics.

But well done Chris, at least one councillor is happy to tear up the old traditions and stick his head above the parapet.


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