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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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7 November (Part 1) - The net closes on another liar

CampbellThe last sheet in the pile of paper I left with the police yesterday I did not intend to be there and I put it down without comment explaining only that it related to Colin Campbell’s infamous TV appearance in July last year. It was the first the officer had heard of that so I explained the link to the case at hand. He was more than a little interested so when I got home I dug out the video file and made a DVD from it. A copy is on its way to Plumstead Police Station.

I am not exaggerating when I say that not one word of what the former deputy leader broadcast on BBC1’s Sunday Politics is close to the truth, even down to saying that the lying Cheryl’s meeting was interrupted four or five times when the number of adjournments was three.

The Plumstead officer knows that there is no group of people who “have a history of disrupting meetings and being abusive”. He has enough witnesses who have described ‘the group’ as being generally “dignity personified” and always “polite” and “never aggressive” and more in similar vein.

Bexley council has a record of instantly banning any resident who causes even a small amount of disruption. One member of ‘the group’ was once reprimanded via a letter to his home for not applauding vigorously enough at a council meeting but none have been threatened with a ban.

Campbell’s claim that Bexley council has always allowed filming is jaw-dropping. A later Freedom of Information request confirmed that Bexley council had never allowed any form of recording at any council meeting.

Campbell was not present at the meeting in question so I have suggested to the police officer that he should be asked who put him up to his dirty tricks. Was it the lying Cheryl, Will Tuckley or the boss woman and string-puller-in-chief herself. Teresa O’Neill.

Campbell, you may have noticed, said that an i-phone (it was an ancient Dictaphone but he wasn’t there, so how would he know?) was pushed within six inches of councillor Bacon’s face. Except when she approached Nicholas Dowling I doubt it was ever closer than 35 feet. There was never any chance that a device designed for close talking was ever going to record anything useful, and it didn’t.


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