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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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4 November (Part 2) - Questions, questions but not so many answers

There’s a council meeting tomorrow evening; I had forgotten but Mick Barnbrook asked me if I could dream up a supplementary to his scheduled question. It’s not easy, Bexley council imposes so many restrictions. Mick pointed out that my first draft was looking for two answers which is enough to guarantee instant rejection. He has come up with a suitable revision.

I noted from the Agenda that councillors have asked a total of 69 questions which I think must be a record. In the few minutes allowed for answers the public is not going to learn a lot because Bexley doesn’t believe that providing a set of answers with the following meeting’s Agenda Pack would be a good idea.

Unlike the public, councillors are not troubled by the restrictions on question marks because they may ask as many separate questions as they wish. Councillor Daniel Francis, a name I picked almost at random, has asked eight questions. Councillor Peter Craske has only asked one question that has no purpose apart from pushing his vendetta against the opposition party. That’s another thing that may be a record.

Unsurprisingly only three members of the public have managed to get a question through the many barriers imposed. Two of them are revised questions following their rejection from the July council meeting. Bexley council will count that as a success. It’s halved the Bexley Action Group’s opportunity to probe their secrets.


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