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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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1 November (Part 1) - Twitter ye not

TweetI was a very late convert to Twitter but against expectations it has provided a wealth of interesting information and not too much of the ‘waiting for a late train again’ variety. I generally use my account only for BiB related announcements and sometimes think I should open one for more personal use so that I can join the trolls. Maybe the brief Tweet exchange seen here crosses the divide.

The London Borough of Bexley is the most consistently dishonest organisation I have ever encountered, nothing is ever quite as it seems and they take us all for fools.

Yesterday the council Tweeted that they planned to start fining motorists for moving traffic offences. U-turns, going into the cyclists’ area when stopping at traffic lights, turning right when you shouldn’t; all that sort of thing. But they are dressing it up as a budget saving when it is quite simply a money raising scam.

There have been no accidents reported in Bexley which can be traced to such minor motoring misdemeanours. Bexley currently ranks fifth lowest in London on the table of tickets issued to motorists and one of the reasons is that they haven’t been issuing penalty notices for moving traffic offences. They are keen to change that.

There was no response to my Twitter question.

There is a large Conservative majority in Bexley because they managed to fool the electorate last May into believing that Bexley is a low council tax borough which simply isn’t true.

The Tories have a single goal, keeping themselves in lucrative office and believe that not raising council tax will keep them there. Hence the catalogue of stealth taxes; more PCNs, charging for brown bins, jacking up all the car parking charges, or indirectly; closing the libraries and withdrawing grants to historic buildings. When councillors are paid up to £8,800 for chairing a meeting four times a year and answering a few questions it is no surprise that the borough cannot afford to repair the Splash Park.


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