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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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28 May (Part 1) - Business as usual

So we’ve elected another corrupt council which was always inevitable, only the size of it was in doubt. At present only a tiny proportion of Bexley residents have any idea of the extent of their council’s dishonesty, the majority are happy to swallow the Tory lie that Bexley is a low tax borough so long as their bins are emptied on time. A lot more effort must go into exposing the cheats over the next four years.

TweetIt is easy to be wise after the event but I was both hoping and expecting Labour to gain a few more seats than four and that UKIP would do a bit better in the North. It looks as though Labour is back in charge of their strongholds despite what councillor Philip Read may have said, and in retrospect one can see that the huge immigrant population in the North will have done UKIP no favours. They will have learned from that.

In my road which is not in the depths of Thamesmead by any means, and for up to 30 houses away at least, there are only two households which are occupied solely by ‘White British’; which isn’t to say they are bad neighbours or bad people, it’s just fact, and that must be hard for UKIP.

My analysis of the real election numbers has been minimal so far but if I cut this blog short I hope to go some way towards remedying that today.

The election drew quite a lot of extra visitors to B-i-B so perhaps I should attempt to justify labelling Bexley council dishonest and corrupt.

Bexley TimesIt is now well over two months since Mick Barnbrook went back to Chief Executive Will Tuckley with more evidence that councillor Cheryl Bacon is a consummate liar. Not one councillor or other witness has backed Bacon’s version of the events of 19th June last year. Several witness including councillors from both parties have certified that Bacon lied in an attempt to cover up her law breaking - not that the law breaking matters, it was relatively trivial and maybe the result of incorrect officer advice. The important issue is that we now know that many of Bexley’s highest paid officers are all prepared to lie in Cheryl Bacon’s defence.

You would think that faced with overwhelming evidence that his officers and councillor Bacon have been lying, Tuckley would be keen to get to the bottom of the matter, but no, he has completely ignored the 17th April letter. None of the councillors who told the truth, the names of whom Tuckley now knows, have heard a word from him.

So if not seeking the truth what has this quarter of a million pound waste of space been doing? It could be that he has been repeating a trick that worked before. Getting the police on his side.

News ShopperThe statements allegedly made by what I described at the time as “two jovial bobbies” have been declared a secret but we are led to believe that they support the council’s version of events. i.e. That I and others refused to leave the Council Chamber and had to be ejected by the police. No one can explain why we were not arrested and why the initial police reports confirmed that no offences had been committed. Now when that story doesn’t match Bexley council’s lies the police are trying to retract it. Difficult when a copy exists on the News Shopper’s website.

Bexley police are once again well and truly embroiled in trying to defend their crooked friends. Mick Barnbrook has been informed verbally that one of the council witnesses has changed his statement, in what way is not known. The fact is that in all relevant respects Bexley council’s story is a lie from beginning to end which unravels very easily when subject to detailed examination. Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling is now boxed into a very difficult position; it is perfectly obvious to anyone who reads through all the papers that he is being asked to defend a story that cannot possibly be true. His two predecessors were placed in a similar position by Bexley council and are now being investigated for a criminal offence. A hat trick looks ever more likely.

And that reminds me that the police are asking more questions about CS Stringer and CS Olisa and I’ve got to find the time to answer their letter.

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