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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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27 May (Part 3) - The Wizard of Oz

Probably not many readers are nerdy enough to have noticed that every change to Bexley is Bonkers is announced via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) but not everyone understands it or subscribes to an RSS news reader so for the past ten months a Twitter announcement has gone out too. Probably I am old fashioned but it seems rather intrusive to push everything under everyone’s nose so Tweets are restricted to blogs I arbitrarily consider ‘significant’. However for die-hard Twits there appears to be another way.

Some clever clogs ex-Bexley resident now living in Sydney, Australia is running a script which regurgitates my RSS announcements as Tweets allowing 100% of site changes to be picked up via Twitter.

You need to Follow @Mario426 so I now risk losing my meagre 200 followers to the man from down under.


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