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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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22 May (Part 2) - My prediction for Blackfen and Lamorbey

Mick BarnbrookDuring the election campaign I heard from Mick and Elwyn and Nicholas several times. Over the past 36 days only two (Good Friday and Easter Monday) have not seen them campaigning on doorsteps and in shopping centres. If effort is translated into votes they will be elected with ease but alas it doesn’t work that way.

Mick Barnbrook, as reported earlier, saved an old lady with a quick 999 call but a handful have told him to **** orf in a posh upper class voice. Rather more told the three of them to **** off because it was the third time they’d been approached in Half Way Street.

Of the many hundreds spoken to, only two said they were Labour supporters, one in a strong Newcastle accent, adding that they could never do anything else. Not even stop and weigh up the issues presumably.

Apparently most votes were won over by the story of the rejected 2,219 signature petition, the proposal to rein in excessive salaries, which Bexley council chucked in the bin, proposal undebated.

The cancellation of the Danson Park Festival ran it a close second, you’d have thought most people would know about it already but apparently not. The state of the roads and parking costs and penalties was another hot potato. Politicians never seem to realise that one unfair parking ticket can mean alienation for life; and the numbers are adding up fast.

Quite a lot of people were under the impression that their current councillor Peter Craske had been found innocent of obscene blogging and they were were suitably disillusioned.

What will happen in Blackfen and Lamorbey is anyone’s guess, there is a huge mountain of Tory votes to climb but if even half the people who promised to vote Independent are true to their word, Mick and Co. will have made their mark. The one thing that can be predicted with some certainty is that if any upstart party or independent takes a seat from the Conservatives in Bexley the latter will report them to the police for some imagined or otherwise breach of electoral law. Actually that is not so much a prediction as a leak, it came to me from someone very close to one of the Tory agents.

Given that Bexley police have been prepared to risk their careers to save the skin of Bexley councillors, that one, if it comes to fruition, should be fun.

That the Tories would play dirty was one of the Bexley Action Group’s first thoughts and from the very beginning the Blackfen Independents have been in regular contact with the Electoral Commission for advice and guidance. As a mere reporter, I am hoping Craske and Co. will be true to form and do something spiteful, I need another story like that to maintain the old site strapline, ‘Dishonest, Vindictive, Criminal’ through to 2018.


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