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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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22 May (Part 1) - Last fling from UKIP

UKIPTo be honest, I thought UKIP might have made a bit more noise in Bexley than they have, or should I say more than I have noticed? They were out on the streets a fair bit up to a couple of months ago but since then I have not seen anything of them. On the other hand I’ve not seen much activity anywhere although I keep reading on Twitter that East Wickham Conservatives are on the streets every day and are confident that everyone loves them. Councillor Philip Read claims to be similarly well received in Northumberland Heath and even down in Lesnes where the Conservative majority was as small as six in 2010 they seem to think they are still in with a chance. But the only party to knock on my door and talk to me has been Labour - apart from UKIP on one occasion several months ago. Last year I think.

However at the eleventh hour UKIP has come out with something new. A statement has appeared on their website which includes the words…

We ask you to consider putting your trust into UKIP just this once. Unlike the media reports, we are all normal hard-working people from all over the political spectrum, all campaigning for the same goal – to make the political elite take notice.

I suspect those ‘media reports’ were artificially orchestrated because much of it was trivia that would be ignored if any other party was involved. If the press has underestimated the British inclination to back the underdog it will prove to be a big own goal.

“Make the political elite take notice” is an almost exact repeat of what my 94 year old aunt said to me on Tuesday about Europe but Bexley Conservatives need the same lesson whether it be from UKIP, Labour or ‘Other’. My aunt still thinks of her nephew as the five year old taken to see her on the trolley bus on alternate Sundays and who needs to be told how to behave and what to do!

What begins to unfold in 24 hours time remains unpredictable but some Bexley wards may produce a few surprises. By Friday I think the strength of the arithmetic must mean the Conservatives will see their achievements and their lies paying off but it would be nice to see the three O’Neill’s take the fourth one down a peg or two in Brampton and if councillor Craske’s majority is severely dented it will be the icing on the cake.


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