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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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20 May - “A challenge to democracy in Bexley”

Teresa O’Neill’s proposal to dramatically reduce the opportunities for the public, and even councillors themselves, to keep tabs on what she and her gang are up to, provoked comment from more than one councillor. They backed my conclusion that the intention can only be to place another veil between the leader’s inner circle and the electorate.

But is it right to simply blame the Great Dictator?

Whilst it is probable that they were told in advance what to come up with, on paper at least, Teresa’s proposals were “reviewed” by a committee comprised of the lying Cheryl Bacon (standing in Cray Meadows), Colin Campbell (not standing), Peter Craske (Blackfen & Lamorbey), Graham D’Amiral (Blendon & Penhill), Ross Downing (Cray Meadows), Eileen Pallen (Barnehurst), Philip Read (Northumberland Heath) , Alex Sawyer (St. Mary’s), Brad Smith (Christchurch) and Colin Tandy (St. Mary’s).

It was additionally recommended that a “pre-meeting should occur following issuance of agenda papers” and before scrutiny meetings are held in public. The rehearsals that have always been suspected.

Training would be given on how to run an “effective overview and scrutiny committee session for political purposes”. i.e. Never forget that the main objective is scoring points off the opposition.

The training manual includes an instruction to councillors that they should ask questions at council meetings that “highlight the good work”.

Apart from Brad Smith, who I do not know because he has never said a word at any meeting I’ve attended, all the members of Teresa O’Neill’s review committee are firmly in her yes ma’am camp. It will be interesting to see if there is a single honest Tory in Bexley when the subject is voted upon at a council meeting.

Note: Blog title © Bexley Conservatives. Image - illegal threat on Bexley council building.


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