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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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18 May - Sidcup High Street. An open and shut case

Hadlow Road is sort of open today, for small vehicles anyway, larger ones would have difficulty turning right without falling down a hole. Masochists who enjoy chaos and disruption will not be disappointed for long, adjacent Hatherley Road is to be shut for seven weeks starting tomorrow.

The driver of the black car seen emerging from Hadlow Road wound down his window to say he was pleased to see Bexley council’s incompetence recorded and added a few choice words about the state in which the council had left his town.

Bus diversions Road open Road closing Big hole Bus diversions Road open Road closing Big hole Cyclists Road open Road closing Big hole

Big hole Not only is Hadlow Road still full of holes eleven weeks after it was supposed to be fully reopened, various other sites that were supposed to have been completed long ago are still in a dangerous state. Outside Sidcup & Co. and the gymnasium the footpaths are still littered with barriers protecting holes in the ground. On 22nd April Bexley’s Deputy Director for Public Realm said the work outside the gym was in progress and would take two weeks to finish.

Approaching Weatherspoons from the East there is nothing to say the footpath is not open. Right outside their door the conditions are absolutely disgraceful.

Bexley council’s publicity leaflet (from which the text about the B14 bus was extracted) says that the project will be completed in three stages and their street signs all refer to eight months of work. The closure of Hatherley Road represents the start of Stage 2. We are are exactly half way through those eight months.

I have a question…. with four big holes remaining in Hadlow Road and Hatherley Road due for closure tomorrow, where will the B14 bus go?

All photographs taken 18th May 2014.


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