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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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16 May (Part 1) - Themsmad East Conversatists

DianaDiannaI am pleased to report that some people actually look at the gallery of political leaflets. Maybe I am not so pleased to note that at least one is more observant than I am.

The Thamesmead East Tory leaflet which couldn’t decide how to spell Irene Reader’s name was equally confused about another of their candidates.

CrossnessMy theory is that it is a planned distraction for the large annotated map featured in the leaflet. Of the 34 ‘boxed’ achievements listed few are not either untrue, deliberately misleading or nothing to do with Bexley council. You don’t really think Bexley council dug deep into its pocket to fund “Improvements to the Crossness Pumping Station” do you?

Having attended all the council’s Finance and Public Realm meetings I know that Crossness has never had a mention. Not a single BiB meeting report includes the name and it only shows up four times when searching Bexley’s website. In short, Bexley Conservatives are lying again. Most of the ‘achievements’ listed in Tory leaflets distributed across the borough are not their achievements and would have happened whoever was in power. Some are not even true.

As Bexley council is now effectively at a standstill I am tempted to take the weekend off. Some kind soul has given me a ticket for Lords.


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