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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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15 May (Part 1) - Election leaflet liberated

The Liberal Democrats have put up 14 candidates across nine wards in Bexley and at last one of their local election leaflets has drifted in my direction - retrieved from a recycling bin which is where most election promises end up. Something to read today while I decide if I can find the time for something more substantial. Inevitably there is little going on while councillors and would-be councillors stomp the streets and rescue little old ladies. Mick Barnbrook (Independent, Blackfen and Lamorbey) told me that one who lived alone came to the door for him, didn’t look at all well, was promptly sick and collapsed in front of him. He called an ambulance and the lady’s son and spent half an hour waiting until both had arrived. Maybe he will get a couple of votes out of it.

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