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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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12 May (Part 2) - Have I slipped off the electoral fence?

Yesterday’s blog was, compared to the one I originally had in mind, an easy one to do. I was as usual pressed for time and all that was required was a quick scan though the Strategy 2014 document which was published three years ago. It’s 68 pages long so my list of cuts barely scratched the surface. For not a lot of effort the blog produced a decent amount of compliments but the blog, I would guess, preaches mainly to the converted, many of Bexley’s voters will be unaware of what has been chipped away from them.

The Bexley Action Group people who are contesting the Blackfen and Lamorbey ward went a little further than merely saying they liked my list of cuts; could they use it, they said. As I’ve always said that anything posted here may be taken for non-commercial use I could hardly say no but for its new purpose and with more time available I felt it would benefit from a facelift. Below is the new version. Click or scroll to see it all.


That ’flyer’ will I understand start going out tomorrow or possibly Wednesday. As far as I am concerned anyone else who wants to ‘borrow’ it, is free to do so.

Having prepared the revised cuts list, the blog I had planned for yesterday will be delayed again. Sorry to disappoint a certain person!


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