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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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9 May (Part 2) - Hurt the politicians. Kick ’em in the ballots

No sign of BNP, Lib Dem or Green literature is what I said only yesterday but I’ve since found that my neighbours have had BNP European election leaflets - but not me. People elsewhere in the borough have had one too and even sent me scanned copies.

The leaflet indulges in slightly risqué language for an election leaflet as the headline above suggests, but presumably they know their target audience well. It makes it clear enough that the BNP now regards itself only as a party of protest.

Although it is a European Election leaflet it might be the closest I get to seeing what the policies of the Bexley branch is so I have added it to the gallery of propaganda.

Note: My BNP leaflet was delivered on 10th May.


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