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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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8 May (Part 1) - Serious politicians

Yesterday I was given six different election leaflets from across the borough which I will attempt to get on line before the day is out but perhaps the least colourful of them is the most interesting - unexpected certainly. It came inside a copy of a news freesheet I had not come across before, The Blackfen Trader, which according to its banner headline is delivered to 6,000 homes in Blackfen.

The Trader doesn’t provide a lot of news but it has found space for Don Massey’s decision to put an end to the annual disturbance to voters on his wife’s electoral patch which is the Danson Festival. Like its bigger rivals, The Blackfen Trader has taken Massey’s initial announcement at face value.
Trader Danson
It repeats councillor Don Massey’s assurance that the Festival has been cancelled for this year only due to more rainfall than usual, something I have my doubts about given that my solar panels produced more electricity January to March than in any of the preceding three years.

Since then we have learned that Don Massey was not telling the whole story but for those fed up with Bexley Conservatives not telling the truth, The Trader offers a solution. Below the Massey/Danson Festival article is a half page advertisement on behalf of the Blackfen Independents. If anyone doubted they were seriously challenging Craske and Co they should perhaps think again.


It’s the first advert I’ve seen about the local elections and voting Independent in Blackfen could well produce a change. There would be greater transparency and I’m absolutely sure that Blackfen residents could be totally confident that their councillors would be far more careful about what sort of material is uploaded from their internet connections than was their current representative - Peter Craske. The Independents’ original colour brochure may be seen on their website.


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