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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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4 May (Part 2) - Damn the expense, it’s a nice shade of green

Cycle track Cycle trackEver since I first spotted these halt signs within a cycle track in Erith I have assumed it must be a hangover from a bygone age when something now gone may have justified it. Maybe that is true because it simply doesn’t make sense and I check if it’s been fixed by someone with a brain cell whenever I pass by on the bus.

If you ever think that the roads in Bexley are designed by someone with a warped sense of humour or would be better off receiving medical help the second photo might confirm your worst fears. One of the silliest cycle tracks in the borough has had a makeover - after Public Realm boss, councillor Gareth Bacon, said that cycle tracks on the footpath are not a good idea too.

You can see it has been given a nice new coating of something green and someone has seen fit to drop the kerb. Presumably not for the benefit of pedestrians because that would have tactile paving; what a mess. Not quite so obvious is that they have stuck a large direction signpost in the middle of the track as well. Click the second photo to get a better view.

Meanwhile Bexley council pleads poverty is the reason for leaving children at risk of injury outside Bedonwell Infants’ School and failing to provide safe access to Franks Park via Parkside Road.

The second photo was taken from Twitter and despite approaching two possible owners I have failed to find the copyright holder. If they turn out to be a Bexley council supporter I suppose I will have to go and take my own.


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