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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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2 May (Part 3) - On the rise

When the Bexley Action Group announced their intention to field candidates in Peter Craske’s ward and knock on as many doors as possible, I asked them if they could hand out Bonkers leaflets for me. They agreed and some were delivered but then they asked if they could take over the operation as part of their canvassing effort. The result is the flyer which may be seen on their website.

StatsIn the couple of weeks the Action Group has been dropping their new leaflet with flyer enclosed through Blackfen letterboxes the number of visitors to Bonkers has been on an upward trend.

It’s a very significant increase bearing in mind that a relatively small section of only one ward has received attention.

Mick Barnbrook’s ‘hobby’ has been walking and he is considering the challenge of walking every street in the borough over the next four years. That’s 300 miles plus more than a few garden paths. Rather him than me but Mick tends to carry though with his ‘threats’.

When council leader Teresa O’Neill thought she could silence a critic by whispering in the ear of Borough Commander Dave Stringer (see below) I doubt she had thought through the full consequences of the lies she told him. i.e. That everyone would get to know what she is like.

New readers may not be aware of how far she will go to stifle scrutiny…

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that the police had no legal grounds on which to take any action at all against me (John Kerlen did not complain) and Teresa O’Neill’s suggestion that I was planning to burn down the Civic Centre and inflict injuries on councillors were total fiction.

Unfortunately the Local Government Ombudsman said that councillors are free to accuse whoever they like of whatever they like and it is up to the police to see through false allegations. There is no chance of that happening in Bexley until we have an honest policeman in charge at Arnsberg Way. Present indications are not good. I see no sign that Bexley council does not still have the police in their pocket.


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