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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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29 March (Part 1) - Very little to show for two weeks’ work

TweetIt’s two weeks since the first signs of work were in evidence in Sidcup High Street, a job that supposedly started on 20th January. Unfortunately those two weeks have shown close to zero progress.

There are about ten additional square metres of paving outside Bexley council’s own shop, Sidcup & Co and the area of Hadlow Road that is not a mud patch has doubled - to put it generously. If the next two weeks sees the same advances it may be close to being half finished. The revised and delayed completion date is 14th April. Someone must use a calendar, a blindfold and a pin as their preferred scheduling tools.

Hadlow Road Hadlow Road Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos

It looks like another Welling in the making. Incompetence rules OK!

The traffic at the Station Road junction was jammed solid as usual with the queue from Queen Mary’s Hospital disappearing out of sight, and my bus trip to the station revealed traffic at a standstill all the way back to to Longlands Road. How much damage is being done to the Sidcup economy by this dilatory progress? The photographs were taken at 1:15 yesterday afternoon. Seven yellow suited men were in evidence.


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