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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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27 March (Part 2) - Dear Bexley council

It’s the time of the year to start paying the council tax bill. The council would like me to pay by Direct Debit but I won’t. A Direct Debit implies a level of trust with the payee and that simply doesn’t exist.

The only instructions on my tax demand is to send a Direct Debit instruction to my bank or “Please visit our website for details of alternative ways to pay your council tax bill”. So I went there expecting to find a bank sort code and account number so that I can set up a standing order. But no, there is nothing there apart from an online form to pay by debit card. Can’t they get even the simplest things right?

I was on the point of sending a letter but fortunately I found last year’s bill and that has the necessary details clearly printed on the reverse. Let’s hope they haven’t changed their banker within the past 12 months. The numbers I have are Sort Code 51-70-14 and account number 21101183.


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