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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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25 March - 24th place confirmed

Tweet Not much time and not much news but yesterday the last of the outer London boroughs to post its new council tax rates on their websites did so. It confirms Bexley’s 24th position overall and in the bottom half of the outer London boroughs. Click to see the 2014 list.

Bexley’s nearest neighbours, financially speaking, Barnet and Merton, both managed to reduce tax levels. Bexley Conservatives merely froze them at their traditionally high level.

If you are thankful for small mercies, spare a thought for this poor fellow.

I have just received my council tax bill for this year. I am a disabled retired person who two years ago did not have to pay any due to the benefits received. Last year my tax bill was £63.63p due to new government legislation. this year, and nothing has changed, it is £126.90p. Yet there has been an overall reduction across the board of 1·6% to the Council. This is an approximate increase of just over 100%. surely this cannot be right?

Unfortunately it is right. Here’s Bexley’s web explanation - in need of updating for 2014.

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