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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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23 March (Part 3) - Not exactly a mini-Holland

It is sometimes quite amazing how quickly readers respond to blogs, a little over a month ago a councillor emailed me about something I’d written only 14 minutes after I’d posted it but I had better not go into that for fear that St. Teresa explodes; yes it was a Conservative councillor.

Today I have had three such emails. Two to tell me that I had made a mess of dating the Part 1 photographs - and I had - and another from a cyclist to tell me I had told only half the story in that same blog. He urged me to get back down to Knee Hill and look at the situation through a cyclist’s eyes. So, dodging the hail storm, I did. And things are every bit as ill-thought through as you would expect from Bexley council’s £100k plus managers.

You will see from the first photograph that Bexley council encourages cycling on the footpath, starting at the Knee Hill junction, and along the southern side of Abbey Road. I’d never noticed before but underneath the viaduct there is a much faded ‘bicycle’ painted at another dropped kerb.

Cyclists who have come from Abbey Road are expected to cross Knee Hill at the point marked out for them while totally hidden from traffic coming around the blind bend.

Cyclist's crossing Cyclist's crossing Cyclist's crossing Cyclist's crossing

Maybe it would be better not to have the green screen after all.

Is it just me or are the angles shown on that direction sign post (picture 4) all wrong? The A206 to Plumstead goes off at a normal right angle does it not?

Note. Mini-Holland was the grandiose £30 million plan for Bexley that is not going to happen. We are going to get three million quid’s worth of paint instead.


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