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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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23 March (Part 1) - More unexplained neglect of what councils call the public realm

Crossing Crossing CrossingWalking away from unfinished road projects is not confined to major reconstructions like Welling Corner, it happens even with minor jobs which one might expect to be completed in half a day.

The first of the associated photographs shows the pedestrian crossing outside the notorious Harrow Inn site in Abbey Wood. Note the black and white striped pole and beacon on the central reservation.

Last Tuesday nine orange suited men (there were more at their van parked out of shot) turned up and removed that central beacon. The larger view (click second image) shows it lying on the ground in front of the takeaway. Then they just left the island barricaded and in the mess one has come to associate with Bexley council.

It is just the same now. Is anyone taking bets on how long it will stay like that?


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