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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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15 March - First signs of progress in Sidcup High Street

I saw a rare species this morning. Men in yellow jackets working in Sidcup High Street. Three of them.

Hadlow Road is now scheduled to be open again in mid-April instead of the beginning of March and now sports a short length of new paving.

There is no footpath at all outside the Box Shop Sidcup and Co. and pedestrians are directed across the road. The council is giving priority to its own business venture by paving outside Sidcup and Co. before anywhere else though the amount of actual progress was barely discernible compared to last week.

Sidcup & Co. was accessible from the west only by walking in the road and was difficult from the east too. There were three people inside when I looked, whether customers or traders I didn’t stay long enough to discover.

Further west paving slabs have been dumped in the road and a man was moving them from one position to another for no obvious reason. The traffic congestion at Station Road was worse than ever but that was probably due to a northbound queue that extended all the way to the railway station. I got there expecting to see an accident or a broken down vehicle but if the queue was due to anything it wasn’t apparent. Probably high traffic volumes and not a long enough green light at Longlands Road.

Hadlow Road Hadlow Road Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos

Page 14 of Bexley council’s Spring magazine says the project is due for completion in “late summer”. It was originally scheduled to take eight months beginning last January. A quarter of that time has elapsed with almost nothing to show for it. More info at Bexley’s website.

All photographs taken within a few minutes of 11:00 a.m. Last week’s pictures.


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