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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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13 March (Part 3) - Council tax again

Another anonymous request I’m afraid but an entirely reasonable one which may need a more effective way of displaying the data.

The request is for information on how Bexley’s council tax level compares with other outer London boroughs.

In terms of yesterday’s blog, in 1991 Bexley was just one pound a year from having the lowest tax level in outer London. The budget before Labour was elected in 2002 saw Bexley drop to ninth place. Labour actually improved the position by one place in their first year but by their final year were three positions worse (12th) than where the Tories had left us (9th).

The Conservatives improved matters by three places by 2008 but dropped the ball the next year and Bexley has been in 12th position ever since. Whether the whole of London is analysed or just the outer boroughs, Teresa O’Neill has very little to brag about. Bromley, by contrast, has been in first or second position for more than ten years.

Twelve positions down in total and nine of them due to the Tories. In terms of places dropped per year they have an advantage over Labour but not as big as one might imagine. Bexley froze their tax while in the bottom half of Outer London boroughs. A far cry from when the borough was consistently at or very near the top.

Council tax data has been provided on Bonkers since 2011. Additional years are now provided but 2004 and 2005 are unavailable until the Greater London Authority corrects its historical records.

I suppose someone will now ask for a report in percentage terms judged against inflation. I suspect the Tories will win that race too but if you have a child with special needs, an aged relative who needs care, or are a resident with a car but no off road parking space you will be paying the price. And for goodness sake, whatever you do, don’t die.


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