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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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13 March (Part 1) - Cheryl Bacon lied

Cheryl BaconNeither Mick Barnbrook nor I have taken any further action since councillors came forward with their confirmations that Cheryl Bacon’s statement about five people refusing to stop shouting and waving papers at her meeting was entirely untrue and there is a good reason for the delay. Meanwhile more information continues to trickle out and if you are very familiar with this story you may wish to jump directly to the penultimate paragraph.

Further analysis of the documents reveals that Mr. Gussman’s complaint which suggested Cheryl Bacon was rude to everyone was rejected because “she did not speak to him directly” although elsewhere there are numerous references to Bacon addressing “the group”.

Messrs. Barnbrook, Bryant, Dowling and Gussman are all members of the Bexley Action Group and they were sitting on adjacent seats. A group in every sense of the word. According to Bacon I was next to them too although one of her witnesses confirms I wasn’t.

Bacon further states that because of the “commotion” caused by Mr. Dowling, Mr. Barnbrook, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Knight and another person” she called a five minute adjournment. The time was 19:32 (my timing).

At the end of it she says she “addressed the group as a whole” and “because the group were not prepared to sit quietly” called a 30 minute adjournment at 19:45 (her timing) to allow “the group to calm down”. My own notes record the long adjournment commenced at 19:54 and was scheduled to end at 20:15. Cheryl Bacon’s statement also says she asked the doorman to call the police during the ‘30 minute’ adjournment while councillors were absent from the chamber (except for one).

PublicIf the police were called during the adjournment as Bacon asserts one wonders how the public in the chamber learned of it and that attendance might take up to an hour. Why else would they remain in the chamber if it was not to hear what the police would have to say? It’s a muddle typical of invented stories. If Cheryl Bacon had given the doorman his instruction during the 19:45 adjournment he would not have had to enter the chamber to tell her.

As Bacon lies go it’s a fairly small one but it no longer needs to rely on analysis and logic to discover it, documentary evidence is now to hand. The content of the Computer Aided Despatch notice the police initially wouldn’t reveal confirms that the council called them during that first adjournment at 19:32 and was safely logged onto their system at Bexleyheath police station by 19:40. From other sources comes the information that they were told that only one member of the public was involved in the alleged disturbance.

Step by step Cheryl Bacon and her gang of crooked council officers officers are exposed.


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