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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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10 March (Part 3) - If at first you don’t succeed…

Sidcup & Co I don’t know what went wrong with councillor Linda Bailey’s ‘Box Shop’ idea but something must have gone badly wrong because it closed down about three months after it was launched with an expensive fanfare.

Last Saturday the only possible excuse for Sidcup High Street being one way was because a heap of paving stones was parked in the road just to the west of the old Black Horse Inn and just one shop was benefitting. This morning the reason became clear. Bexley council issued a Press Release to tell us about its latest wheeze; Sidcup & Co. From the council’s blurb I can’t see any obvious difference from the Box Shop but it has been entirely refitted.

After almost two months of disruption Sidcup has gained just one small advantage, 20 metres or so of new paving outside a council owned shop.

I dread to think what Linda Bailey would have to say about this if it had been a Labour party idea. Speaking of which, how many millions have gone down the Thames innovation Centre drain?

TICFor another joke, has anyone used the new Google Maps? It suggests you try it out by asking it where you can buy a cup of coffee. I had a play with it and asked where to buy coffee in Erith. It told me the place to go was the Thames Innovation Centre.

Why is that funny? It’s a bit funny because I once sat through a three day hearing before a judge in which councillor Colin Campbell swore that the TIC coffee bar was not open to the public despite the notice outside begging for business and the fact I’ve been in there for coffee.

It helped Bexley council win their case but only because they lied before a Tribunal judge who not long before was herself part of Bexley’s legal team. What was my correspondent saying about corruption this morning?


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