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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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10 March (Part 2) - Jammed and rammed. Parking free and money tree (it’s supposed to have cost nothing)

Tales from the doorstep suggest that quite a lot of people are still avoiding Bexleyheath following the ‘regeneration’. For those lost shoppers here’s a small selection of pictures from around mid-day last Saturday.

The Broadway was jammed solid for no obvious reason, the cycling locking post was still a mess but on the plus side the motorcycle only parking bay has been provided with its first eye level sign. Whether a postcard sized picture of a motor bike is a legal warning may be doubtful but it may capture some drivers’ attention it can only be a help and prevent this sort of thing.

And the new Civic Centre is nearing completion. Will it open on schedule two months hence? Has it really cost nothing? Will it really save taxpayers £1·5 million a year - and more every time Teresa O’Neill opens her mouth?

Broadway Parking Metal bashing Watling Street

Currently working on a big research project so no significant blogs today.


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