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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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10 March (Part 1) - How corrupt are they? That is the question

I suppose it is possible that people send messages anonymously in the hope of getting a public reply. Maybe that is cynical, there are a lot of cynics in Bexley, which is probably a good thing. Cynicism is what Bexley Conservatives deserve. How should I answer this?

Yesterday a young lady canvasser knocked on my door and told me the scandal about my local Tories. Apparently one has run off to another part of Bexley and the other one has moved to Kent; Sevenoaks apparently.

It’s a scandal as she should have been kicked off the Tories side but the lady says she doesn't care and is standing again, pretending to live here. Everyone knows about it but the Tories are ignoring it. is it true?

Her name is Maxine Fothergill. The lady said she also manages some flats around here and tells her tenants to vote for her or else. How corrupt are they! Why has this not come out yet? It’s not right.

How corrupt are they? Is the easiest question to answer. Very. Dozens of examples litter this website.

A lot of Bexley Tories have done a runner to other wards, the leader rewards those who are most loyal by giving them a safe seat. Séan Newman the Labour councillor calls it the Chicken Run on the grounds they have to run away from their reputation. That is sometimes true too.

Companies HouseIs what is described illegal? Probably not. Although Maxine is one of the few councillors in London to claim an exemption due to being in fear of her life under Section 32 of the Localism Act and thereby hides some of her details from public view - only Bexley councillors abuse Section 32 - she does appear to have an address, maybe just a postbox, in Crayford.

This may allow her to legally stand as a councillor in May even if she does live elsewhere. She may have no interest in Bexley residents but legally that is of no consequence. All that matters here is total loyalty to Teresa O’Neill who dictates who stands as a Conservative councillor and who does not. You only have to read the Superwoman  blog to know that Teresa is no stranger to the abuse of power.

Incidentally, I have been able to confirm everything in the Superwoman story thanks to readers. The MBE, JP, MP approved and shortlisted, Children’s Commissioner, LGA, school governor, Safeguarding Children’s Board, NHS Care Trust, Ministry of Justice connected, Bexley Civic Award winning lady was overlooked in the competition to be a Bexley councillor in favour of another lady whose only qualification is to be married to councillor Brian Bishop.

How corrupt are they? Endlessly.


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