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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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9 March (Part 3) - You will never see its like again

My weekly trawl around Bexley’s political websites revealed no change except by the Independents in Blackfen & Lamorbey. Can Independents ever make a difference in Bexley I wondered in such a strongly Conservative area. Then I stumbled upon this three year old News Shopper headline. Click or scroll to appreciate it in full.

News Shopper

“Councillors trade insults” it said and that’s not likely to be repeated, neither will Campbell’s ‘crap’ remark. And who do we have to thank for that? The Bexley Action Group who pushed their complaints about the lack of transparency and in particular the lack of an independent public record of what goes on in Bexley’s council chamber, beyond anything that had been done before. Never again will serious insults be traded between councillors all thanks to Nicholas Dowling’s Dictaphone. And as an added bonus it proved beyond all doubt that some councillors will lie on a massive scale. Will anyone ever take councillor Cheryl Bacon seriously again?

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