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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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9 March (Part 1) - Correspondents’ comments

From the postbag…

I’ve viewed your photos from today, quick question … why is the high street one way for 6-7 weeks? I can’t see any works that would prevent it remaining two way in that time.

Nor me. There’s a few paving slabs stacked on the road but they could easily be put elsewhere.

Whilst I generally despise all politicians I have to say that I've been impressed by Michael Tarrant who gets out with his camera taking pictures of pot holes and graffiti and Steve Hall is well known to be a residents’ champion against London and Quadrant housing and the Council. So you should remember that they aren’t all bad. Well done on your website - it has opened my eyes.

I’ve not done a roll call but I would guess that the really bad councillors in Bexley number no more than 15. There are several who never get a mention on Bonkers and another bunch who have never had a bad word said about them, Steven Hall among them. Michael Tarrant can get carried away with his busy-bodying, he finds a bit of litter and can jump to all the wrong conclusions - and someone told me he thinks this website is rubbish - so that’s his reputation trashed! Past references here and here and here.

While on the subject of good councillors the recent council source of confirmation that councillor Colin Campbell was definitely lying when he claimed not to have aimed the word ’crap’ at a member of the public during a council meeting has said I have it wrong about would-be councillor Rob Leitch. All I actually said was that his Twitter account had been locked down which implied he didn’t want to talk to voters. However if I am happy to take the word of one councillor that Campbell definitely said “crap” I have to take his word that Rob Leitch is a good bloke. He shouldn’t have much trouble getting elected in Sidcup anyway - unless the wrecking of the High Street backfires spectacularly.

Don’t ask me why Rob Leitch’s Twitter account is currently not working at all.

Another story on your website about another Bexley child dying. Don’t they have procedures in place? Aren’t Councillors supposed to add an extra layer of protection? Didn't OFSTED already warn them? It’s disgraceful that they go on about MBEs - jobs for the boys and girls. Shame that there is no ‘vote for none of the above’ option! Time for a change.

Don’t forget the old ladies. An old lady died following very bad management decisions by Bexley council. They are all still there on their hundred grand a year.


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