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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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6 March (Part 3) - I’m in trouble again

TweetI have been reported to the police but fear not, Teresa O’Neill has not taken leave of her senses again. I am a bad boy for my blog three days ago commenting on this UKIP Tweet.

My crime is repeating what can be read at Companies House and similar websites, the Sidcup address of the Limited company Quintessentially Me. Maybe I should have just linked to the Companies House page.

I won’t embarrass the company owner by publishing their email but you should get the general idea from my reply. I’m pretty sure fair trading laws make it illegal to sell from a website without offering a contact address either.

No one has suggested your relationship with Bexley council is underhand in any way but as a business, small or otherwise, your name and address is public property. How else do you think I got hold of it?

The law on domain name registration is clear. Unless you are a private individual, owners of domains engaged in any trade, must have their name and address published by Nominet, the controlling quango. Mine is there because owners of org domains have no right of opt out. Yours should be there too.

I have no intention of making an FOI request to Bexley council but if you follow the Twitter conversations carefully you may see that others do.

The police will not be interested in your report. You run a business, ergo, the name and address will be put on the web by Companies House and copied to various company registration websites.

Are you sure you are not over reacting? I would agree that the reference to your company was an unimportant addition to the normal fare on my website and adds little to the debate on Bexley council and I could easily remove it, but as you thought the best course of action was to report me to the police I do not feel so inclined.

Please be sure to forward this email to the police, I would be interested to know what they say.

One of Bonkers’ Twitter followers is the Sidcup Safer Neighbourhood Team. I would hope they are more interested in their current difficulties with Romanian burglars.

Follow UKIP; go to jail!


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