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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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6 March (Part 2) - The fight for honesty goes on

Alabi Mick Barnbrook never gives up. It’s taken him three years, sometimes more, to get MPs put behind bars and whilst I couldn’t even be bothered to make a complaint about it, Mick is still getting stuck into the Colin Campbell cover ups. Campbell described Bexley is Bonkers as “crap”, which harms no one and offends few, but the subsequent lies - he claims he said ‘trash’ turn it into something more serious. Campbell also went on TV to tell everyone, without actually naming him, that Nicholas Dowling shoved a microphone up against councillor Cheryl Bacon’s face which councillors themselves have been queuing up to state was simply not true.

Despite the anonymous messages to the contrary, maybe because of them, councillors are also now emerging from the woodwork to say “everyone knows that Campbell said B-i-B was crap”. Some have obviously reached the end of their tether with Bexley council’s constant dishonesty. All of which is grist to Mick Barnbrook’s mill.

He recently made a formal complaint of maladministration to Mr. Tuckley against Mr. Akin Alabi, Head of Legal Services, Lynn Tyler, Legal Services Team Manager and Rebecca Sandhu, Independent Person. It’s a bit long winded and needs some knowledge of the subject to fully understand but here are some extracts…

Despite providing evidence by way of two Freedom of Information responses 293164 dated 26th July 2013 and 293165 dated 30th July 2013, together with an email from Nick Hollier dated 9th July 213, informing me that the council's protocol on behaviour at council meetings agreed in 2010 still stands, which all proved that Councillor Campbell was prevaricating when he appeared on the Politics Show, Lynn Tyler still reached the decision that he had not breached the Members' Code of Conduct.

Further evidence of a biased and corrupt investigation by Lynn Tyler is contained in the conclusion of her letter to me dated 11th September 2013, where she states "Even had I formed the opinion that his comments did amount to prevarication, this would not be any breach of the Members' Code of Conduct and is not referred to anywhere in the Code."

The evidence provided by Freedom of Information response 293165 is clear evidence that although audio or visual recordings of proceedings is allowed with the permission of the Mayor/Chairman, that permission has never been granted in the last two years.

The evidence provided by Freedom of Information response 293164 is clear evidence that no public disorder has taken place during the last two years that warranted action by the council by means of ejection or warning letters to members of the Bexley Action Group.

It is therefore obvious from Lynn Tyler's comment, in addition to the the documentary evidence provided by me, that a corrupt investigation has taken place, which was disregarded at the review stage by both Mr Alabi and Rebecca Sandhu.

I am therefore requesting a full investigation into the conduct of all three individuals for conducting a corrupt investigation, both at the initial stage by Lynn Tyler and at the review stage by Mr Alabi and Rebecca Sandhu.

I am particularly concerned at the failure of Rebecca Sandhu to properly carry out her role of Independent Person.

If Cheryl Bacon had said something like “I made a right arse of that didn’t I? I’ll know what to do next time” her reputation would be intact instead of being in tatters and whilst not in the same league few would have cared if Campbell had just shrugged and said “so what?” But no; we must be fed a diet of lies by everyone concerned. It makes no sense.


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