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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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4 March (Part 3) - Well connected on two quid a week

BhogalI’d like to be able to say that the report on the Bhogals was quite long enough already without adding more but the fact is I was so pleased with myself over the credit agency’s (Experian if you must know) comment that I completely failed to look any further. As a reader has been quick to remind me, I should not have been so complacent.

Amandeep Singh Bhogal may be running a company worth only £100 but it doesn’t stop him hobnobbing with top Conservatives. A trip to his political website (why would a British politician choose to host a legitimate website in Albania?) will get you pictures of Amandeep alongside local MPs David Evenett and James Brokenshire, William Hague (Foreign Secretary), Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) , James Cleverly (GLA Member), Damian Green MP (Home Office); second rankers like Colin Bloom, John Waters and Alex Sawyer and third rate politicos like John Davey and Keima Allen.

A more exhaustive search will find Amandeep in the Kentish newspapers where he describes himself as an industrialist, farmer and businessman. I wonder where he grows the grass?

On Linkedin Mr. Bhogal goes further and says he is an Approved Conservative Parliamentary Candidate. It is absolutely amazing what these hard working Indians can do on £2 a week.


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