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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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3 March (Part 2) - Cowboys and Indians?

Bexley Conservatives have a weakness for husband and wife pairings of councillors, possibly civil partners too although the next one planned went seriously off the rails when one half hastily disappeared, allegedly after thieving something from his Conservative councillor employer. A case of not keeping it in the family! The latest list from Bexley Conservatives shows quite a lot of new pairings. Pairs are useful because council leader Teresa O’Neill can appoint one half to be responsible for the scrutiny of the other who is a cabinet member. It’s what any tin pot dictator would do.

Among the new pairs being lined up for election in May is Pardeep and Amandeep Bhogal, both standing in Belvedere; and who are they you might reasonably ask.

RSBAmandeep Bhogal is a director at RSB Engineers Ltd, a company founded in India in 1960. Founded is a good word because the company claims to manufacture a wide range of metal products; automotive components to scaffolding accessories, and their website refers to a foundry in Lower Road, London with offices in Westminster, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Lower Road, London is a euphemism for Lower Road, Belvedere, Kent like Del Boy’s London, Paris and New York. Anyone who checks with Companies House can get at the truth.

Pardeep Bhogal is the company secretary; well she was until her appointment was terminated in June 2013 – but then again the company RSB Engineers Ltd (company number: 08266505), London, according to Companies House has only been going since 24th October 2012. Really? What about the claim to have been around since 1960?

A company of the same name, RSB Engineers Ltd (06460154), and with Mr. Amandeep Bhogal as a Director and Mrs. Pardeep Bhogal as secretary, operating from the same address as now, was trading from 27th December 2007 until it was struck off and dissolved without ever filing any accounts on the 18th August 2009.

Just two days later, on the 20th August 2009, a company of the same name, RSB Engineers Ltd (06996582) and with Mr. Amandeep Bhogal appointed director and Mrs. Pardeep Bhogal, also a director this time, trading from almost the same address. 108A Lower Road instead of 108. This company, RSB Engineers Ltd, lasted until 15th November 2011 when Mr. and Mrs. Bhogal jointly signed an application, numbered DS01, which struck off and dissolved this company yet again – and submitted accounts totalling just £100. Not much for a company trading in three countries.

So three times RSB Engineers has become a limited company with three different company numbers but the same company name, same addresses and same director/secretary. And in seven years submitted one set of accounts in August 2010 totalling just £100. No insider information here, all of it is publicly available to anyone with access to Google and a few minutes to spare.

It has been reported that 500,000 companies a year with addresses in England start up and dissolve in order to avoid paying debts and taxes and £16 billion a year revenue is lost. Others simply make themselves insolvent with similar results.

Maybe there is a good reason for RSB Engineers coming and going with such regularity and making so little money and it’s not my field of expertise. So the experts at a very well known credit reference agency were asked if RSB was in any way unusual and they were kind enough to provide some answers.
Which might be summed up as “not bent but very odd indeed”. Odd enough to affect the company’s credit score. Personally I wonder how a company with only a hundred quid to its name can afford all the high tech equipment featured on their website. On the other hand RSB cannot afford a couple of pounds a month for their own web hosting package. Instead they use WIX which offers free services in return for it leaving the WIX name on each web page. Now that is what I call professional!
Very very professional (spelling) and absolutely the right sort of councillors to join Teresa O’Neill’s bunch of third raters.

Note: With assistance from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. The credit agency note may require a browser refresh for it to display correctly.


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