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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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1 March (Part 3) - Promises, promises

TwitterImmediately after the eyesore in Abbey Wood was featured here again on 16th December last year, Lesnes Conservatives Tweeted that they had taken action and the site would be boarded up within six weeks of New Year’s Day. The last vestiges of the flimsy plastic sheet that had surrounded the site for more than four years were blown away in the winter storms and local residents looked forward to this ‘boarding’ that the Conservative Action Team promised.

Those local residents know exactly what boarding looks like, a couple of hundred yards away in Greenwich a good example may be seen.
Harrow Inn Harrow InnBut the Harrow Inn site is not being so favoured. The associated photographs were taken today at 11 a.m. and 12:48 respectively. More plastic sheeting.

So what have Bexley Conservatives done for Lesnes ward? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Readers with an interest in this neglected area of Bexley (and Greenwich) should take a look at fromthemurkydepths. Lots of info and interesting pictures there.


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