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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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1 March (Part 1) - The cat will be among the pigeons

Cheryl BaconThis report is going to be necessarily vague to protect honest councillors from those reluctant to admit councillor Cheryl Bacon’s dishonesty. Figures will have to be in short supply but one can safely be given. Of the 15 councillors to receive my email absolutely none had a single word to say in defence of the cheating Cheryl. Maybe one should be excluded from the tally; Gareth Bacon has known all along that his wife exaggerated and lied about her handling of the illegally closed Public Realm meeting and no one would expect him to come clean eight months later. The only person to raise his voice at that meeting was Gareth himself.

When deciding to send the email my expectation was to get no useful replies. My fear was that I might get only two and all the crooked Tories would sit back and say ‘ah, that must be that Labour lot making things up’. But both thresholds were safely crossed and exceeded.

Not everyone was able to confirm all of my seven points, but mainly they did. All the respondents said that Danny Hackett, the prospective Labour candidate for the Lesnes ward did nothing at that meeting. He sat silently watching events unfold. Peter Gussman, a member of the Bexley Action Group also did absolutely nothing. The same goes for myself, everyone confirms I just sat there dumbly.

My suggestion that Elwyn Bryant spoke only during the adjournments was accepted 100% but my recollection that Michael Barnbrook was totally silent met a more mixed response. Some agreed and some were not so sure but suggested no specific action by Mick.

More importantly there was absolute unanimity that Nicholas Dowling did nothing beyond seeking permission to make an audio recording and when faced with a refusal calmly referred to the document issued by Eric Pickles. All confirm without qualification that he was “polite throughout and did not put his recorder within six inches of Councillor Bacon's face or anything remotely similar”. This confirms that councillor Colin Campbell lied on BBC TV when he accused Bexley residents of indulging in such behaviour.

Howard MarrinerWhilst I did not seek the name of the councillor who attempted to barricade the door of Room 105 to prevent entry by any member of the public, the name Howard Marriner (Conservative, Barnhurst) has cropped up again.

Nothing reported here about the events of that evening have been anything but absolutely accurate; Cheryl Bacon (Conservative, Cray Meadows) lied from the outset and at last councillors from both parties are beginning to confirm it with clear written statements. Not a single councillor is prepared to speak in her defence which probably explains why Nick Hollier (Human Resources), Akin Alabi (Head of Legal Services) and Rebecca Sandhu (the anything but Independent Person) all refused to seek out an alternative to Cheryl Bacon’s self serving account.

What cannot be done, because no independent witnesses were present, is prove that when the police arrived they were unaccompanied, had light hearted exchanges with the five members of the public present (Danny Hackett had already gone home) about Bexley is Bonkers and asked what they planned to do next; not ejected as stated by Bexley council.

Mick Barnbrook is pursuing that issue with the police who may still be under Bexley council’s control. In the meantime I hope you will accept that Bexley council’s story about what the police did is just as much a lie as every other statement by Bexley council. Cheryl Bacon, Akin Alabi, Will Tuckley, Nick Hollier, Lynn Tyler. All liars or willing purveyors of lies. No councillor has been willing to back the council’s story. A satisfying number has said it is rubbish from end to end.
Bacon's statement

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