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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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24 June - Something fishy going on

One of the silliest things I did soon after moving to Bexley 27 years ago is dig a big hole in the garden and make a pond. It has created little but work since and for silliness is probably second only to setting up this blog.

Beneath the pond nearly five feet down is a four inch pipe conveying water to a filter and somehow the protective grid had been displaced and the water flow slowed, eventually coming to a complete standstill. It took all day yesterday to pump the water out and get down and remove one big round stone and not very much muck at all. That’s why there was no blog yesterday but in truth there is not a lot to write about just now. Mick Barnbrook is supposedly rewriting his letters of complaint about the police regarding their cover up engineered to save Cheryl Bacon’s bacon but the silence from that direction suggests he has broken his computer again. In preparation for one day getting hold of copies I have done a little research on Bexley’s top cop and come up with something for later you might not know.

It’s not been complete slacking on the blog front and I have been updating the 2014-2018 Index of councillors and revising the old 2010-2014 one where necessary.

Chairman MasseyThe job is difficult because Bexley council doesn’t provide a simple list of names, jobs and allowances. There are lists of jobs and allowances with no names attached and if you look at each councillor’s page you find some jobs listed but some attract allowances and some don’t with no reference to the sums of money involved. I am not yet confident that my lists are totally accurate but on the other hand I’m pretty sure that Bexley’s lists are a mess too. Among several oddities councillor Sharon Massey is still listed as Chairman of the council and I suspect Howard Marriner may have words to say about that.

Bexley‘s webmaster is probably as confused about the new appointments as I am so I am going to suggest to councillors they each check their own pages and let him know where he has things wrong.

I suspect he is not wrong when he lists councillor Cheryl Bacon as the new chairman of the Members’ Code of Conduct Committee. The biggest liar they could find has been put in charge of maintaining standards. You couldn’t make it up.

Another part of Bonkers which requires attention is the Index of correspondence relating to the Peter Craske affair otherwise known as the obscene blog. It’s not practical to put everything on line but the extracts must still tell the story. The job is ongoing.

And just for the record, you no longer have to include the .co in


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