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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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21 June (Part 1) - Frizoni fails

By last Wednesday I’d heard several reports of traffic chaos in Erith caused by the Manor Road closure. Manor Road provides access to the industrial estates on the river front and is in a bad state of repair due to the large number of heavy vehicles it carries. Late last Thursday afternoon I walked from Erith Station along Manor Road as far as the wind turbine. From there I went along Slade Green Road to North End Road and then back to Erith town centre hoping to see what Bexley council was inflicting on residents this time. I saw only four orange suited workers on my entire journey.

Manor Road as it heads out of town is not the most salubrious of places, Photo 3 being typical of some of the lesser industrial units and the section which is now ‘Access Only’ was plagued by boy racers. No small vehicle was doing less than 40 m.p.h. and some must have been pushing 55.

There was a stream of heavy vehicles along the diversion route which could not have pleased nearby residents but I did not see any hold ups apart from where Peareswood Road meets North End Road (Photo 4) and even there it was not constant.

It looked to me that Mike Frizoni has failed in his mission to bring Erith to a permanent standstill but he has a reserve plan drawn up. Last week he issued an Order effective from 30th June that allows him to close nearby Fraser Road for three weeks for resurfacing work. Bus drivers on route 99 will have two diversions to contend with.

Manor Road Manor Road Manor Road Peareswood Road


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